Supercard DSTWO the best flashcart for 3DS XL/3DS/DSi/DSi Lite

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The new supercard dstwo is in stock now and support the latest 3DS firmware V9.8.0-25.


DSTWO EZ-Flash IV EZ4 gateway 3ds

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The supercard dstwo flashcard is working great on the latest 3DS firmware V9.8.0-25, it is working on all nintendo DS/DSi/3DS/New 3DS consoles with any firmware.(2015.06.02)
Today the new 3ds firmware V9.1.0-20 has released, the dstwo works great on the new 3ds firmware(2014.10.30)

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About Supercard DSTWO

Supercard DSTWO flashcard is working for 3DS XL/3DS/DSi/DSi Lite in any version. If you want to buy the best 3DS flashcard to play DS games, Supercard DSTwo is the best choose. May be more expensive than other 3DS flashcard. You can also use it to play GBA games with only slot-1.

Supercard DSTWO Main Features

1. Powerful new GUI
2. New exclusive feature "Free Cheat"
3. New exclusive feature "iDS Anti-Piracy"
4. Real-Time-Save power up!
5. Hardware supports slow motion
6. Full-featured upgrade cheat function
7. Convenient file-operate function
8. On-board CPU
9. Slot-1 GBA emulation solution
10.Custom icon “plug-in” organizational support

Supercard DSTWO Package

1 X Supercard DSTWO flashcard
1 X USB card Reader
1 X Protect case

Supercard DSTWO Faq

Q:How to use GBA linkage function?
A:Usage: NAME.nds, NAME.nds.gba, NAME.nds.gba.sav. These three files are DS game file, GBA game file, GBA game save. NAME which can be user defined. This feature is selected by the user to open, choose the interface in the start menu, select System Settings option.

Q:What is DSTWO different from other flash cart?
A:DSTWO is real the 2nd generation flash cart, built-in powerful CPU, can emulate GBA and can provide more powerful function. Other flash cart can’t do this without the built-in CPU.

Q:Can SuperCard DSTWO use on DSi, DSiLL and DSiXL?
A:Yes. SuperCard DSTWO can use on all DS series. NDS, NDSL/iDSL, NDSi/iDSi, NDSiLL/DSiXL.

Q:Can DSTWO boot slot 2 flash cart on DSL?
A:Yes. There is a menu on DSTWO system menu to boot slot 2 flash cart.

Q:Can DSTWO run homebrew?
A:Yes. Such as moonshell, colors etc.



I order the dstwo on July 17 and I get it yesterday. It is very fast. Thank you ds-falshcart team.