EZ-Flash IV EZ Flash 4 EZ4 MicroSD for playing GBA games on GBA/GBA SP/GBM/DS/DS Lite

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EZ-Flash IV MicroSD supports to play GBA games on GBA/GBA SP/GBM/DS/DS Lite consoles.


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You can use this flashcard to play GBA games on your GBA/GBA SP/GBM/DS/DS Lite console

Latest News

News: EZ Flash IV released the new kernel 1.77 for EZ 4 TF(also support old version).EZ4 Kernel 1.77 1)Support saver name2)improved the saver

EZ Flash IV kernel has updated to 1.76 and improved the compatibility.

Official website: http://www.ezflash.cn

About EZ-Flash IV

The EZ-Flash IV is a powerful cartridge that allows you to relive the amazing experience of your favorite GBA classics

EZ-Flash IV Main Features

1. Simple cart for all your GBA/GBA SP/DS/DS Lite needs.

2. Support 2GB-32GB microSD/SDHC memory Card

3. Unique Nand Direct-reading technology, NDS speed no delay

EZ-Flash IV Package

1 X EZ-Flash IV card

1 x Recyclable plastic packaging.




It works very good on my ds.