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Welcome to E – games resource center for youth workers!

E-games resource center for youth workers is an online data-base and resource web site for multimedia e-games suitable in the youth work. This web site contains a set of attractive non-entertainment games focused in the most important thematic areas in youth training:

:: Human rights
:: Intercultural learning
:: Youth project management
:: Youth information

What you can find here:

:: Theory : provides wide information about the main areas in youth work, non-entertainment e-games and a manual with methodology for development and implementation of e-games in youth work.

:: E-games : proposes new interactive methods for non-formal education using modern media and new generation of youth games - e-games.

:: Resources : contains useful links, documents and books and a download area with free tools for e-games development.

:: Discussion forum : Feel free to express your opinion on these issues or exchange knowledge and experience in the discussion forum.

:: Glossary : This is a significant element of non-formal education. It is here where you can find the meaning of fundamental concepts in the fields of human rights, intercultural learning,project management, etc.

This web site is developed in the frame of the project “e-games: empowering youth work”.