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Information is an essential tool to enhance young people's participation and, therefore, to contribute to their role as active citizens. Participation in the decision-making process cannot be achieved without full access to information.

Youth information can be accessed through many different sources via the Internet. Youth information centres and services seek to guarantee the equality of access to information for all young people without exception. They provide information from European, national, regional and local levels, which is of interest to young people, who are living, studing and working in Europe.

Youth information could be classified in several main areas.

:: Information about leading European institutions and the largest youth programs such as PHARE, YOUTH, Socrates and Leonardo Da Vinci.

:: Foundations supporting youth projects. This information is essential for finding funding sources for the implementation of the project and in the process of development of the organization.

:: International youth organizations and networks. You can find interesting information on this topic at Youth Directorate website.

:: Information on educational opportunities. This section provides useful information on universities and educational programs.

:: Information on job opportunities and career development. Young people can get practical advises on how to search and how to apply for a job, how to behave during an interview, etc.

:: Youth information about traveling and leisure time activities. This information may help young people to better organize and to improve the way they spend their leisure time.

:: Useful information in the fields of arts and culture.

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