Definition: A project is a plan, that is exactly limited in time and content and should have a checkable result.

“Management, at its basic, can be defined as, ensuring a project makes the most effective and efficient use of resources in order to achieve agreed objectives.
Project management is an important tool to improve the work in youth organisations.  Most projects, nowadays are managed by a team. Youth work projects are not anymore the hard work of an individual youth worker but a collective effort of a group composed of different people, with different capacities, expectations, experiences, backgrounds and cultures.” (Project management T-Kit 3)

Projects have various typical features, characteristics that could be observed in almost every project. So first of all, it is a means of enabling project managers to move from idea to action. At the same time, it aims at changing the social environment in which it takes place (in one way or another), having educational dimensions and being a product of a collective work. Last but not least, it involves evaluation that makes possible the relation between the idea and its implementation.

In order to be successful, the project should meet the following requirements:

:: contains proper evaluation of the need or problem that are in the focus;
:: invokes the active support and participation in it from the target group;
:: needs a clear vision to unite all the activities and efforts of the project organisers;
:: needs to be designed in such a manner that will enable the project executors make an impact and lead to the expected results.

Main steps in the youth project management

In order to prepare and implement a project you need to have in mind that it is not a simple task. A lot of things need to be taken into consideration, big administrative work has to be done. So, starting from the idea to make a project, passing through the brainstorming, preparation, implementation and evaluation, it is a long road you
have to be prepared to pass. A simple and commonly used way of imagining the project is dividing it into three major moments: definition (What for? Why? Who? For whom?), implementation (How? By whom? Through what?) and evaluation (What for?). : More

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