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"Fighters for rights"

Topic: Human rights, Citizenship

Description: The game provides interesting information about the life-works of some famous individuals who have fought for human rights in various countries.
The chart on the screen contains pieces from the short biographies of four human rights activists. The main task of the game is to match the piece with the correct character and thereby to build up a brief description of each person.

Educational goals:
:: To learn about some of the individuals who have fought for human rights in different countries;
:: To stimulate interest in human rights heroes;
:: To develop skills of handling and ordering information;
:: To promote respect, responsibility and engagement about human rights.



Version 1.0

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"Recruitment agency"

Topic: Human rights, Youth information

Description: This is a game about tolerance and objective decision making.The player is a Human Resources Manager in an International Recruitment Agency. There is a virtual database of multiple profiles, representatives of different cultures, nationalities and with varied characteristics and qualifications. The main task of the player is to choose an appropriate candidate for each of the 3 job announcements on the screen.

Educational goals:
:: To realize and modify the existing stereotypes and prejudices;
:: To fight all kinds of discrimination;
:: To promote a positive evaluation of difference and diversity;
:: To generate positive attitudes and habits towards people from other societies and cultures.



Version 1.0

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"Education for all"

Topic: Human rights

Description: This game is divided into two parts: memory game and reporting on the issues.
There are 16 pairs of cards in the left field on your screen. Each pair comprises of a statement card and a picture card. The task is to identify the pairs and to match them. The texts on the card are related to general issues of human rights and education.

Educational goals:
:: To reflect on education as an essential human rights issue.
:: To critically analyse the level of access to quality education world-wide

Source: “Compass” A manual on human rights education with young people.





Version 1.0

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Topic: Human rights, anti-discrimination

Description: The game is about a young blind boy, who has to go alone to school. He has to overcome different types of obstacles, he encounters, on the way: in the street, using public transport, etc. The game poses some questions for reflection about the problem with discrimination towards disabled people.

Educational goals:
:: To promote respect and understanding towards people with disabilities.
:: To reveal how important is to support disabled people.
:: To prevent discrimination of people with disabilities.